Our land since we were born

Our vineyards in the heart of the Colli Orientali.
An inheritance of colors, shades and perfumes which evoke our best memories
Among the most well-known authoctonus wines out there to be discovered

The Guerra Albano Vineyards

  • Rooted in tradition, we look ahead to the future.
  • 10 hectares of vineyards for 12 different grape varieties.
  • With love and passion we look after our lands.

Welcome to Torreano

Friuli, Colli Orientali

Torreano, our hometown, takes its name from Taurus, the Roman centurion that founded it, and who was sent to the countryside to provide food and protection to the Forum Julii of Julius Cesar. 

In fact, starting from 186 B.C., the Romans came to Friuli with their military forces to cope with the advance of the Gaulish. 

Once the Gaulish were defeated, Julius Cesar organized the development of several military bases and trade centers  as the Forum Julii,  nowadays called Cividale del Friuli which our region Friuli Venezia Giulia is named after.

colli orientali map - Guerra Albano

The calling of a land

Since early ages, the calling of our land was to grow grapes and olives; our territory declared FRIULI COLLI ORIENTALI DOC  in the 70s’,  boasts more than 2000 hectares of vineyard, and today is known as “Park of Vine and Wine” , and we do not believe in coincidence. 

This is an upside down C-shaped, stretched and narrow land, which touches Slovenia’s borders, and is located in the central-eastern part of the region. 

The unique terroir of the Colli Orientali – consists of the combination of soil, climate and vines which constantly provide a remarkable aromatic legacy and an excellent grapes’ quality.

Love and respect for the vineyard, always


Every step of our production process is still carried out by hand, loyal to the teachings that have been passed on to us, and in some cases through a moderate support of the most modern agronomic techniques.

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